Our mission

We want to make AI dream come true - technologies that turn our lives into easier, healthier, safer, fairer, more meaningful experience and our planet more sustainable. 

This can only be possible with cautious, participatory and wise development of AI technologies as they make decisions with little or no human intervention. That is where we make the difference. We aim to reshape practices on 

  • how AI technology solutions are developed, 

  • how businesses are deploying them, 

  • how they are consumed and 

  • how policy decisions are made. 

We aim to ensure that everyone can benefit and no one is exposed to risks, fundamental human rights are facilitated rather than exacerbated, economic inequalities are shunk rather than widened, at the same time right balance of regulations is kept so as the potential of technologies is harnessed at its fullest.  

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We start with asking right questions and invite everyone to seek for answers together with us

Policy makers

  • None of the major AI players can be excluded from ethical and regulatory questions dialogue as many technology solutions become global and have impact on wider society.

  • Neither can we exclude non-AI players because AI products reach all corners of the globe - everyone needs policy, strategy and relevant regulations in place.  

Business makers

  • Companies need to better understand potential political/economic/societal impacts of technologies built or implemented by themselves,

  • As well as to find their way in the myriad AI theoretical guidelines produced in the last couple of years.

  • Tech companies should start to engage themselves in the intellectual dialogue with the public.


  • People/users need to better understand what AI is capable of, what are risks or benefits and how they can stay vigilant to both of them.

  • Not only responsible technologies but responsible user should be widely encouraged 

What's so special about us

We believe, what future holds for us is all in our hands. We want to join forces with others to empower ourselves and each other.   


We aspire to be truly inclusive, spanning across all continents 

We explore AI in each industry separately (AI is different in healthcare and in autonomous driving, for example)

While aiming at both top-down and bottom-up approach, 'grassroots' focus is prioritized to help impartial voices have dialogue with policy- and business-makers

We facilitate multidisciplinary involvement in a structured and pragmatic way to be translated into valuable results and transferred to the relevant actors.