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About the Event

From what to how: from high level AI ethics principles to practice - operationalizing AI ethics in business processes and in tech solutions

First edition of the event series to be held every three months with a global outreach.

Experts with diverse backgrounds and perspectives share their insights and experience on how to implement AI ethics theoretical frameworks. Join in and ask your questions to the stellar speakers in Q&A sessions.

120 mins, 9 experts in parallel sessions, online

Who is it for?

  • AI/ML Developers - to grasp the idea of ethical issues to be considered during development process of the algorithms

  • Business Leaders and Consultants - to learn how to strategically apply practical solutions in business processes

  • AI Ethics Practitioners - to learn about real world applications of theoretical frameworks

  • AI Researchers - to explore state of the art of Responsible AI and identify topics for further research



Prioritizing Wellbeing in the Age of the Algorithm

John C. Havens - IEEE, Executive Director, Global Initiative on Ethics of Autonomous and Intelligent Systems

Why Ethics Means Nothing to the Tech World: The Responsible Innovation Framework

Alka Roy - Founder at The Responsible Innovation Project, Guest lecturer on Responsible Innovation & AI at UC Berkeley


Championing Practical Responsible AI from the Bottom up and Top down

Triveni Gandhi - Dataiku, Data Scientist

AI Observability: The Need for Centralized, Real-Time Monitoring in Model Governance

Victoria Vassileva - Arthur AI, Commercial Accounts

AI Responsibly Designed and Developed - Practical Insights and a Consistent Process

Ursula Maria Mayer - Founder & CEO at Sciform, Computational & Data Scientist


AI meets Self-Determination: A two-sided Look at ADM (algorithmic decision-making) Systems

Anne Schmucker - Mercedes-Benz AG, Data and SEM Strategy Lead Europe

Real-world Machine Learning Systems: more Trust and Understanding in Practice

Jean-Matthieu Schertzer -, Senior Data Scientist


The Business Case of Operationalizing AI Ethics (and how to do it)

Reid Blackman - Founder & CEO at Virtue Consultants, EY AI Advisory Board Member

The Near Future of Responsible Tech in the United States

Stacey Rolland - Polestar Principle LLC, Responsible Innovation Attorney